All About Cannalily Plants

Although not a true lily, Canna lily flowers come in a many different colors and sizes that are sure to add a dramatic focal point to your garden. Canna Foliage can be striped with yellow, green, red, blue and white. The foliage of the canna can be just as spectacular as the flowers. Canna are related to the ginger family and consist of a genus unto themselves "Canna", which includes at least 20 species of this beautiful flowering plant. Although considered a tropical plant cannas tend to do better in sub tropical climates. Frost will generally kill them back to the ground during the cooler months, but if mulched with straw or old leaves in the fall, your cannas should come back with vigor the following spring. In climates where the ground freezes hard in the winter, dig up your plants in the fall and replant when the weather warms up in the spring. We recommend buying only tissue cultured live canna plants as bulbs tend to carry diseases.

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